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Will Transactor process different currency payments?

Yes, Transactor enables multi-currency payments in real-time with funds settled automatically overnight to the nominated bank account. Transactor is an ideal solution for international and single currency payments.

Is Transactor secure?

Transactor has processed payments securely since 1997 using the same encryption used in bank networks and Transactor continues development to meet evolving industry standards. Today, Transactor provides greater encryption and enhancements to protect cardholder integrity and reduces risk for the merchant. Transactions will be risk checked and scored accordingly to the level of risk.

How are transactions processed?

Authorisations, completions and purchases with automatic overnight settlement cover most requirements. Refunds are also enabled on a case by case basis. Transactor is an Internet based facility that provides an interface to the bank network from the Merchant's application. When a cardholder enters their payment details into the merchant website, the transaction is sent to the acquiring bank for approval and the response is returned to the merchant website.

Can it be customised? 

Transactor employs internal security checks for most of the common forms of credit card fraud including real-time blacklist facility and an array of customisable accumulation counters. Includes hourly, daily and weekly floor limits across all merchants yielding maximum protection.

I hear Transactor offers a great rate - what is it?

Flat $50 per month. See pricing details here.